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Record Hunter Search by Historica Research and Records welcomes contributions from researchers. We will provide proper credit to the source of all records and documents that are submitted including the name of the contributor/transcriber, original publication and/or record source, and the website of the contributor.  We DO NOT accept and WILL NOT post items that are protected by copyright.

Send your contribution via email to: recordhunter [AT]

Be sure to attach an image of the record (if possible) and include in your email:

  • Your Name
  • How the item should be credited (i.e First Name and Last Initial, website, etc)
  • Website Address (if you want a link to your site)
  • Record Name and File name (name of attachment)
  • Record Source:  
    (All item submissions must indicate the specific source of the information (title, publication name, date, volume, page, etc). Public records must include the state/county/city/town of origin and record type (i.e. marriage license, will, naturalization...) and the name of the agency from which the record originates as well as the record group or title and the book, volume, page, date, etc, whence the record was extracted.)
  • Key Words Describing Record
  • Transcript of the record (if possible)


We will accept any public domain content with a historical or genealogical significance that is within the public domain. All contributions are submitted via email. If you are submitting a transcription of a document or record, please make sure that the item is formatted as a plain text. If your are contributing a document image be sure to include the subject of the record as well as any key words that you feel sufficiently describe the item.

When we post the record on Record Hunter Search, we will cite the information you have provided as well as list you as the contributor. You will maintain the copyright on transcriptions and images (as well as any photographs you have submitted as long as you are the original photographer). If you have a website, we will gladly provide its name and a link.

When your contribution is included on Record Hunter Search, we hope you will provide a link to it from your website or notify your social media/blog followers. If you are a professional researcher or even a die-hard enthusiast, and contribute a significant amount of records, we will include a brief bio or profile of your experience if you would like such information included.

Unacceptable items

Record Hunter Search by Historica Research will not accept the following items:

  • Information, data, images taken from other websites such as a genweb unless you are the original contributor and copyright holder
  • Photographs taken by people other than the contributor
  • Information, data, images, page scans, etc that are protected by a current copyright
  • Information, data, images, etc which do not have a historical or genealogical value

We retain the right to exclude submissions for reasons not listed above.